Hose Community Orchard

What's in Hose Community Orchard

We have planted fruit trees that so far as possible are breeds that have "local" connections. We have used "local" quite loosely and have included trees from the East Midlands and wider to capture the imagination and interest of visitors and sponsors.

The map shows the position of the trees: if you put your cursor over a tree, it should turn into a pointing hand. Click your mouse button and it will go to information about that tree.

Bess Pool Newton Wonder Fiesta Barnack Beauty Purple Pershore Cambridge Gage Marjories Seedling Schoolmaster Edward VII Allington Pippin Dumelows Seedling Oullins Gage Dennistons Gage Pershore Yellow Northern Greening Bramley Belvoir Seedling Herrings Pippin Laxton Epicure Langley Bullace Victoria Flower of Kent James Grieve Annie Elisabeth Lord Burghley Bradley King Syston White Merryweather Barnack Orange Pig Nose Pippin Discovery Mulberry Ellisons Orange Jargonelle Conference Quince Winter Quarrendon Court Pendu Plat Worcester Pearmain Winston Winter Nellis Concorde Red Sentinel Medlar Golden Hornet Walnut Hazel Nottingham Improved Fertility Williams Bon Cretien Cobnut Cosford Morello Cherry Stella Cherry Almond


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