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How to have Fun and make a Million (or a bit less)

Quids Inn Investment Club was started in 2000 when Brian Keevil suggested to a group of friends that he knew a good way to become REALLY rich: as a result he organised the Quids Inn Investment Club with 19 others like-minded dreamers. They meet once a month, discuss the state of the UK financial market and invest eye-watering amounts of money into their chosen shares.

The club follows the guidelines laid down by ProShare, with a formally adopted Constitution, an Annual General Meeting and Minutes of the monthly meetings. We use the services of Barclays Bank as stockbroker to trade on the market. Membership is currently restricted to 20 members, but as individuals despair, go bankrupt or leave for their chateaux on the Loire, vacancies arise and we are always hoping that someone in Hose can bring that insider information that will have us ordering another yacht.

We meet on the second Monday of each month at one of the local hostelries and usually spend much more than the monthly club subscription of 30. It also enables us to keep a eye on the quality of the local breweries. We run an annual competition for individual members to predict the best performing share, with the winner receiving a massive cash prize, but - more importantly - the plaudits and bemusement of the other club members.

The officers of the club for 2014-5 are:

If you are interested in joining us, contact one of them to express interest.





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First Published: July 2006.
Last Revised: 2 March 2015