Hose School Parents & Friends Association

Hose School Parents & Friends Association

What are we?

We are a group of Parents & Friends of Hose School

What do we do?

We organise events for the village & school, some of which raise money for the extras at school

Examples of events

For everyoneVillage Fete, Hose Ball, Lottery, Hosenbury, Pub Quizzes
For the childrenHallowe'en Beetle Drive, Christmas Party
For the SchoolRefreshments after School events

Examples of expenditure

Coach travel for school trips and swimming lessons, supplies & equipment for school gardening club, help with the costs of the carnival

Future expenses

School would like us to fund a new school team sports kit and an outdoor shelter

When do we meet?

The 1st Wednesday of the month, venue to be announced in the school newsletter and on the notice board. Everyone is welcome

How YOU could help





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First Published: November 2006