Hose Badminton Club

Hose Badminton Club plays in the Village Hall on Tuesday evenings from 8.00 p.m. We normally play over the winter months, starting late September and finishing around Easter, when people want to play tennis, or garden, or just need a break. However, subject to enough people wanting to continue, we do carry on later into the summer.

The Hall contains a full-size badminton court, with fewer of the hazards often associated with village hall courts, such as projecting radiators, tea-urns or tables. The ceiling is higher than most village halls, altho' it does limit massive clears, and we have our idiosyncratic version of the rules on 'lets'.

Membership is open to everyone who is happy to play at a friendly level. We are not members of any league but we have had members who play at a good level. It is fair not to claim that the standard of play is more than moderate but we do insist on being sociable.

Membership charges for 2016-17 were 80 per year, (40 for students) with visitors paying 5 per visit. Prices are subject to annual review.

Enquiries to:

Ian Smith (01949 860707)





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First Published: July 2006.
Last Revised: 2 March 2015