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Bus Services

You should be aware of the new service from Feb 2015

A convenient No. 24 bus service runs to Melton Mowbray in one direction, and to Harby, Plungar, then Bottesford or Bingham in the other. The route runs along Harby Lane, where there are two request Bus Stops.

For details and to plan your trip look at the Traveline website or call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33

Service To and From Melton

For Monday to Saturday, the service to Melton is hourly and takes 24 minutes, starting at 07.57 until 18.07. It goes via Long Clawson and Ab Kettleby.

The return journey starts from St Marys Way in Melton at 06.30 and continues hourly until 18.39. Note that the start time can be 29 minutes past the hour, or 39 minutes past the hour. The journey time in 24 minutes, although the 15.29 and the 17.39 take a different route and are longer.

Service To and From Bottesford

For Monday to Saturday, there is a one or two-hourly service to Bottesford taking 29 minutes. It starts at 06.52 and the last one is at 19.01.

The return journey starts at Daybells Barns (on Church Street), from 07.27 until 17.37. Note that the departure times are irregular.

Service To and From Bingham

There are three services a day that go to Bingham, rather than Bottesford.





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